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Why is San Diego SO beautiful?!  But, seriously, it is!  Jeff and Kathy were married at the San Diego Temple.  There was quite a bit construction going on at the temple, like it was covered in scaffolding.  When I showed up at the temple, I knew it was going to be there, but I didn't know the extent that it would be there. Wow!  But I was so happy with what we got there.  Then we headed down to the beach for some more couple pictures.

Their reception was in Redlands.  It was a beautiful backyard reception.  They had an awesome crepe bar, that was so creative, I had never seen that before.  The whole day was just perfect.

0172.jpg0248.jpg0258.jpg0284.jpg0292.jpg0296.jpg0309.jpg0337.jpg0341.jpg0346.jpg0368.jpg0377.jpg0382.jpg0498.jpg0505.jpgView their wedding day slideshow HERE!
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Mollie, these are BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I love them SO much!!

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Brandon and Tiana were married at Hidden Oaks in Rancho Cucamonga.  We didn't do an engagement session, so the first time I met Brandon and Tiana was at their wedding.  I loved them.  They are such a sweet couple!  I love the colors they chose for their wedding, so bright and happy, beautiful.  They are really into cars, so they lined a bunch of fancy cars up in front of their venue, it was so fun to use those in some of their pictures.  Don't miss their slideshow at the end of the post.

0032.jpg0050.jpg0197.jpg0214.jpg0284.jpg0298.jpg0316.jpg0354.jpg0425.jpg0483.jpg0502.jpg0678.jpg0692.jpg0706.jpg0744.jpg0756.jpg0829.jpg0846.jpg0908.jpgCLICK HERE to view their slideshow!

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OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Tippetts:

Oh my these pictures are wonderful! Is there some way I can get a picture of Kaylee, aka the flower girl.(my granddaughter) Thanks

Catherine Cheek:

These pics are great Mollie!!! You did so awesome! :0)

Jeff Weber:

Great pictures!!

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Aaron and Viviann were married at Temecula Under the Oaks.  Seriously, I don't know why I haven't heard of this place before.  It is so gorgeous!! Aaron and Viviann's wedding was one of the happiest and emotional weddings that I have photographed in a long time.  It was a pleasure to be a part of their day.  They are such a cute couple!  I hope they had so much fun on the AWESOME honeymoon to Greece (so rediculously jealous).

Check out their wedding slideshow at the end of the post.  I'm so happy with how it came out!

Favorites_010.jpgFavorites_015.jpgFavorites_017.jpgUntitled-1.jpgFavorites_018.jpgFavorites_019.jpgFavorites_023.jpgFavorites_028.jpgFavorites_031.jpgFavorites_032.jpgSo many cute little kids at their wedding!!
Favorites_035.jpgFavorites_036.jpgFavorites_039.jpgFavorites_043.jpgI think this one is my very favorite, but I had such a hard time choosing!
Favorites_050.jpgFavorites_052.jpgFavorites_057.jpgFavorites_060.jpgCLICK HERE to view their slideshow!
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Allison Akiyama:

I love these photo's. Crazy beautiful you did such and awesome job..make me cry all over again =)

Natalie Salvatto:

Absolutely beautiful! These pictures are gorgeous! Mollie did a wonderful job bringing out the beauty in not only Aaron and Viviann, but also Temecula Under the Oaks. Thank you for sharing them us!

Aaron & Viviann:

In case this vote counts, we think that mollie, and her husband did a wonderful job capturing everything at our wedding. Thank you soooooo much for the great memories.

Margi Stern:

Fabulous pictures that captured the emotion and beauty of this special day. Memories will be enhanced by these beautiful photos! Thanks!

Roxana Lopez:

Oh my goodness! Soooo beautiful. Viviann you looked beautiful and Aaron-so handsome! Congrats again :)

MommaK (Kathy McDonald:

Ohh my Goodness, You two are so Blessed I can see it in Both of your eyes!! You deserve so much happiness and I believe you are recieving it!!
May God continue to bless you two and I love you!

Becky Peters:

Could these two be any more beautiful!! Mollie Jane did an amazing job capturing a moment that someone 2000 miles away can appreciate!

Lisa serrano:

These photos are so beautiful! Where were you when I got married!! That was serously the most beautiful wedding I have been to in years and you captured it wonderfully!

Lorraine Garcia:

WOW!!!! The pictures are just AMAZING...I'm keeping Mollie's info for future ref...her photos are trully amazing and you guys looks great. Congrats Aaron.

Naomi Currie:

This wedding was so beautiful and rich in symbolism, the setting is so very romantic.
The pictures capture it all perfectly!

Adrianna Asanovich:

Absolutely stunning! You both look amazing and these pictures truely capture your every emotion! I felt like I was there just looling at the pics! Wow!!! Wishing you both the very best.

Laurel LaMont:

love!!! all the pictures you're cying, in i started cying too. well done friend, i love all of them.

Ingrid Rengifo:

sister, this was magical. Molly captured all the precious moments! I want to get married again, just for these pictures!

Georg;e Mora:

The pictures are awesome, great picture taking.

Betty Rengifo:

Sister, What a wonderful memory of your special day together! Your love for one another was so apparent at your wedding, every detail had your personal signature on it. It is my prayer that the good Lord keep your marriage and watch over both of you, providing wisdom and love as you love, cherish, respect and honor one another. Love you! Betty

Nicolle Ridge:

absolutely beautiful! personal,unique shots that are interesting and emotional and definately not like everyone else's solemn serious boring pics. i love that i can feel what they are feeling in each shot!

George Mora:

What a beautiful Bride and Groom, The Pictures are perfect, great picture taking.

Grampa George

Veronica Mitchell:

Awe Vivian!!! These are amazing. Mozel Tov to you and Fantastic Job by the photographer!!!


beautiful photos and a beautiful couple. great candid shots.

Roxanne Lonto:

This showed such a wonderful day that you shared with family and friends. This was a great setting and Mollie showed it all off well in all the pictures. I truly felt like I was there in attendance. So sorry I missed it.

Shannon Anderson:

These pictures are beautiful! I can really feel the emotion in these photographs just by looking at them. Amazing!

Lisa Gagnon:

Absolutely beautiful! Congrats and best wishes Aaron and Viviann!

Mary Ann Webb:

These are wonderful photos, you capture the essence of the young couple and the beauty of our Temecula Under the Oaks. Would you be able to email me some of your photos so that I can share them with future brides for them to see your work? This presentation was exceptionally well done as well! Cheers to you, Mary Ann

Jennifer Florez:

Beautiful in all possible ways!

cristina aparicio:

The pictures look beautiful! I am so happy for you guys. You look great in all of them.

Carolyn Carty:

Looks like a beautiful day filled with beautiful memories. Congratulations to you both!

Mike Stevens:

Very well done. None of the corny, clearly-staged, cheesy shots you so from so many weddings these days.

Grant Newman:

Simply beautiful and stunning!

Barbara Hume:

Very precious and beautifully done! The pictures brought out the beauty not only of the bride, but also of the location - and of course, how handsome the husband is. Enjoyed seeing them very much.

Maile Visaya:

You two are so gorgeous together! Ruthie I love the shots with your parents, so sentimental - I started to tear up ;)

Hector and Grace Fuentes:

Congratulations! Your pictures are beautiful and you both look so happy and we are happy for you! May God bless you both! Lots of love!

Josh and Ann Kopp:

Cousin! These pictures are fantastic and I loved the slideshow! You got me all teary-eyed (or it's the pregnancy hormones, lol!)!! You and Aaron looked liked you were having such a wonderful time at your wedding and the day looked perfect! Wish we could have been there but thank you for sharing the link so we could get a glimpse of your special day! Kudos to your photographer! Welcome to the family Aaron! You're now our Primo! Love you guys! :o)

Abel moses Fuentes:

Wow the pictures came out really nice... I hope all the other ones are as good. I also wanted to have a appearance on the website but its cool.


You guys look so beautiful!


Beautiful pictures..Looks like a fairy tale wedding. You look GREAT looks like the photographer captured perfect moments!!


Vivian, you look gorgeous! I love the second picture.

Jeannette Molano:

Absolutely beautiful ! Congratulations and best wishes to both of you. Love. Jeannette

Jessica Perez:

!!!! Such a beautiful couple, great pics!!!!

Tara Toloskow:

your wedding was truly one of a kind, you looked absolutley beautiful! The pictures are amazing and captured your day wonderfully. Congratulations to the both of you.

Ricco Fuentes:

Mollie,I thank you very much for the perfect and beathifull job you dit, the reality of my daughter union and happynes is eternal . Ricco fuentes.


All I want to know is who is that good looking guy behind Arron and Vivian. WOW! Great picture you guys. Love you both. UC

Sue Trible:

Awesome pictures!!! Feel like they are live right in the same room.
Great choice of backgrounds

Doris Garcia (mom):

beutifull couple but the pictures and settings exel their inner and outer beauty of both. very emotional for me seen the weading on pictures. thank you for a great job. Love u mom.

Jen Gonzales:

Yay Viv & Aaron! Awesome Pics! :)


I love these photos ... it was beautiful guys ... that's where Sarah got married ... love you guys

The gauto family:


Esperanza Garcia:

Que Dios bendiga grandemente su hogar, les de mucho amor y mucha sabiduria para que caminen juntos el resto de sus vidas. muy bonita la novia, todo se ve hermoso. mil felicidades y que Dios los bendiga grandemente.

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Steven and Jennifer were married at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club but we did all of their pictures downtown Pasadena beforehand.  Ohhh I loved that.  I am a huge fan of Pasadena!  I am so happy with how their pictures came out.  Congratulations Steven and Jennifer!  I hope you are loving married life!

DSC_0189.jpgDSC_0206.jpgDSC_0232.jpgAhhhhhh! The "First Look".
DSC_0294.jpgOne of my favorites!
DSC_0363.jpgDSC_0390.jpgDSC_0405.jpgThis one is my very favorite! I love it!
DSC_0425.jpgDSC_0499.jpgDSC_0554.jpgDSC_0625.jpgDSC_0628.jpgDSC_0869.jpgDSC_1000.jpgDSC_1181.jpgDSC_1339.jpgDSC_1425.jpgCLICK HERE to view Steven and Jennifer's wedding slideshow.
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Chris and Shelby were married at the Weins Family Winery.  Wineries are such a beautiful backdrop for wedding portraits!  Plus, it doesn't hurt when you have a beautiful couple.  And I had both, how lucky and I?  Here are some of my favorites from Chris and Shelby's wedding!

And don't forget their slideshow at the end of the post.

0043.jpg0061.jpg0088.jpg0127.jpg0223.jpg0253.jpg0381.jpg0532.jpgMy fav!!
0557.jpg0570.jpg0604.jpg0640.jpg0674.jpg0675.jpg0783.jpgCLICK HERE to view Chris and Shelby's slideshow.
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Kristi Cowan:

I absolutely LOVE the pictures. You really seemed to catch every emotion on the brde and grooms faces. I couldn't be more pleased with the pictures. Thank You so much, Kristi Cowan (mother of the bride)...

Shelby Maloney:

We literally couldn't be happier with this photography! We are so happy we went with you Mollie, we have every picture we wanted and they are beautiful! The funny part is... I don't even remember you taking most of these pics! Thank you

Nicole Cuneo:

These are great!

John Cowan:

This looks like a profession wedding catalog with georgeous professional MODELS....absolutely stunning

Christopher Maloney:

These are the most incredible photos! You captured the memories of our wedding like no one else could, thank you so much!

BriaN Kocee:

Great Photos, The wedding was beautiful.

Richard Arillotta:

It is so beautiful! Chris and Sherby are just right for each others. Thanks for the pictures.


Mollie, not only are these pictures beyond beautiful, but you really captured every special moment and brought them to life. We are so thankful for you and couldn't be more pleased with the finished product. Thank you for giving us the perfect photo memories!

Suzie Jackson:

I was so touched by your beautiful video of adorable Shelby and Chris. You made it a deeply moving experience for me. I love them both, and I instantly realized that my lost opportunity was recaptured through this lovely video. For all those, like me, who missed the wedding this is a treasure beyond measure.

Al Stone:

Absolutely incredible photography. I knew that my niece Shelby looked beautiful and that Chris and the wedding party looked fabulous but the photography took everything to a new level. WOW!

Julie Sanford:

Beautiful and real are the words that come to mind when I look at these pictures. Yes, they are beautiful but they also seem very personal and they capture the essence of the joy and love that was all around that day. Great job!

Jim Schaaf:

Beautiful! Can we do it again?

Danielle Cowan:

The pictures are beautiful. Shelby, you don't take a bad picture. Chris is so handsome. We had sucha wonderful day.

Ali North Cleckler:

These are beautiful! It was so nice to talk with you and be a part of Shelby and Chris' special day. Congrats again on your baby! (Bridesmaid)

Shep Koster:

You two are so gorgeous it should be criminal. The pictures are stunning! I love the outdoorsy ones in the vineyards- they don't even look real; it looks like they hired a couple of models for a wedding shoot. Love these!


Great stuff.

Alexis Maron:

These pictures are magical...the mood of the wedding was captured so beautifully!

Janet Carbajal:

Every Picture turned out perfect!! Chris and Shelby looked so good!!
So Gald for the share.

Sara Zommick:

Great Pictures!!!!! These really showcase what a wonderful couple Chris and Shelby are, and what a beautiful venue they chose to get married!

Evan wright:

Pictures were great. Well done

Julie Swenson:

I have two daughters who both married in different cities of Northern California. The weddings were four years apart and both had different photographers. One daughter had very traditional photos and the other had more of what you did for Shelby and Chris. I must say your work is fanominal. I would highly recommend you to anyone in the Southern California area. You are very taented and do great traditional and unique work. A bride and groom only get one chance to have a good memory of theeir wedding day and most of it fallls on the photgrapher. A wedding day is one day in their life and it can not be redone. Its up to the photographer to get all the shots and to do a good job. Memories are all they have left once the day is over. Shellby and Chris are a beautiful couple and your photos show every detail. GREAT JOB MOLLIE JANE!

Julie Swenson


WOW.... Both of you look Great.... Very Nice Photos, Congradulations !!!!

Stan Jackson:

Congratulations to you both!!
Wow what great work by your photogragher!
I feel the pix captured not just the moment but your excitement, joy and the atmosphere of your very special day.
All the Best,

Diana Angelina:

I was so lucky to be a guest at this beautiful wedding of Shelby and Chris. Two very special young people that I love very much. Mollie Jane's photography captured the love, beauty and joy of the event. Shelby and Chris look like the Prince and Princess that they are!


Beautiful... simply beautiful...


Congratulations! Great wedding pictures. The grandbaby picture was really cute, she's getting so big!

Derek O'Donnell:

Unbelievable!! Absolutely gorgeous wedding pictures. They don't look like your everyday wedding photos, Mollie really captures the most beautiful angles, lighting, and expression in each and every photo. Of course, it's made easier with such a beautiful couple!!

Michael Dane:

Great photographs. Shelby and Chris look amazing and I wish I was there to see it.


Tim Ermi:

Shelby & Chris -- these gorgeous photos really capture the joy and magic of your special day. Absolutely beautiful! Michael and I enjoyed seeing you in New York.

Tim Ermi:

Shelby & Chris -- these gorgeous photos really capture the joy and magic of your special day. Absolutely beautiful! Michael and I enjoyed seeing you in New York.

Joe and Patti:

Gorgeous and vibrant pictures...great job! Everything was well situated and the pictures reflected that perfectly.

April Smith:

You are AMAZING, Mollie! I just love looking at all of your work!

Lee Carpenter:

The photos are all gorgeous! Congratulations to Shelby and Chris!

Cheryl Sharp:

Wow! What a beautiful bride, and the groom's not bad either!!
Great pictures, loved the slide show.

Natalie Atkins:

Wow Shelby, you Look stunning in these photographs!!! What a wonderful day!

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