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I feel like it's been FOREVER since I blogged a session. We just moved from Costa Mesa to Rancho Cucamonga. Did you know how much time moving takes?! I really don't think that we will move again for a VERY long time. It has put me SO far behind! So I will, slowly, but surely, catching up with editing and blogging. I decided to start with Nick and Sonja. Seriously adorable couple. So happy! When you are around them you can't help but be happy and smiling. I loved it!

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Very cute pictures, Nick and Sonja! They turned out sooo good!

Penny Carroll:

Very beautiful pictures. I especially like the one against the red wall. They look so pretty and most of all the pictures look very natural. Congratulations to Nick and Sonja!!!!


Very cute pics!! They came out so good! Congrats! :)

kristen compton:

Very Beautiful Couple. Comgrats


Very cute! These pictures turned out so cute!


Love it!! I'm so happy for you Sonja you deserve the best! You two make an adorable couple and these pics really bring that out. :)


I'm hoping these guys would make 10-20 kidz . . . that would make our world more wonderful. Congratulations!!! Relax. . .


aww jello the pictures are amazing!!! i love them!!!


Very cute pictures Sonja!

Amber Leigh:

very beautiful sonja! :) i love the one where you guys are sitting in the grass next to that colorful wall thingy laughing at eachother :)


Very very nice pictures. Congrats Sonja.


Very romantic! Beautiful pictures.


nice pics.

Breanna Meelker:

O my!! These pictures are the best engagement pictures I have ever seen! Seriouslly adorable Nick and Sonja! Love both of you guys!


Very nice!! I especially like the one by the light post so cute! And the first one is a very Nick and Sonja look :). Congrats!

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Matt and Lara are on a co-ed softball team.  How fun is that?!  And so we started their shoot at the park they play at in Newport Beach and then we headed down to Laguna Beach to finish up their session on the beach.  I've been shooting their a lot lately, but, really, it never gets old.  I really can't wait for their wedding in November!


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Melissa McClure:

Beautiful shots Mollie! Lara is my sorority sister from College. Glad she got a great photographer! :)

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I loved shooting Daniel and Sherina's engagement session.  They are such a sweet couple and they were up for anything!  They really wanted beach pictures and I was happy to give it to them.  We headed down to Laguna Beach, which is always a treat.  Here are some of my favorites.

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Sherina Galvan:

Thanks Mollie!!! We are SO excited about these pictures!


Great photos. You guys look Awesome!


These pictures are so awesome!! They look so good :)


These are gorrrgeous! And you two look unbelievably happy! Congrats rina!!

Daniel Garcia:

These pictures were amazing! Thank you so much Mollie, we couldnt have asked for anything better.


These pictures are amazing! You look so happy...congrats!

Ashley Speer:

WOW! These pictures are great! What a beautiful setting at the beach with a beautiful couple!!

Wendy hauser:

You two look so happy

Lisa Allen:

These pictures are gorgeous!!! You guys look so good together! Congratulations!!

Brianne :

SOOO CUTE!!!! LOVE them :)

Daniel Galvan:

Wow these pictures are amazing, You two look great!!!! The Best


I'm so happy for you Danny! These pictures are beautiful!

Luz Perez:

Wow!!! I love the pictures. What can I say other than you guys look soooooo in love.

Jeneene A Galvan:

My favorite pics were # 6 and # 8. I had to give the pics numbers so I could say which ones I liked the best.:)

Michael A Galvan:

Great Pictures!

Renea Zaruba:

I love your engagement pictures!!! The beach was the perfect venue for such special pictures.:)

Judy Robison:

Sherina and Danny look soooo...happy in theses pictures. God Bless them always.

Deanna Lewis:

So sweet and natural! Love these pictures Rina!! Wish I lived in Cali so we could get some made!!

Ryan R.:

Great pictures Sherina. I really like the one of you two underneath the lifeguard tower. Very sweet. The one with the two of you sitting on the rock with the other lifeguard tower in the background is a great one also.

Adrienne Alo:

OMFG...2 words:: Love Them!!! Makes me wanna just go take pictures. You guys look so dang cute in them esp your hair Ree :) ....Cant wait til September...ITS ABOUT TIME!!! With these pictures, cant wait until the wedding!

Jonte' Jyne:

Wow, great pictures you two! You make a great couple, and Sherina love your long hair, you're so beautiful! :)


love love love these pictures. you are the cutest sherina!!

Katelyn Miller:

Sherina, you are looking better than ever! You both look great. :)Congratulations!!


These all look so great! My favorite is the one by the white brick wall :)

Brenda DeArmond :

We love these pictures........ We love both of the subjects in these pictures... It's my son Danny and my upcoming new dauther lin law Sherina. Oh and when the babies come.. We get new grand kids !! They are such wonderful people... always will be a big part of our family....


Amazing pictures of my favorite amazing daughter!

Ingrid Lochelt:

Sherina and Daniel! What a beautiful couple, and two amazing people! Their beauty is captured through these photographs and you can almost hear Sherina Laughing!!! Love you both, love the photographs and congratulations again and again.

Danielle Chisholm:

These pictures are amazing! The photographer really captured how happy and cute you two are together! Kudos to Mollie Jane! Congrats Sherina and Daniel!

cindy black:

Loved the first one, then the second, then the 3rd....all are beautiful!!!! Loved the one where you are cracking up Sherina! You need to marry someone who can make you laugh and also have heart to heart conversations with. Wish you both the best!!!!

Maggie DeWall:

I love these two!!!! Such an awesome couple and so happy they are getting married. These are such gorgeous pictures, I love the variety that was done!!!

Brittany Fobi:

Sherina! I love every favorite is the one where u guys are walkin down the beach holdin hand! Love it! The big day is comin up so fast! xoxo

Jane DeWall:

These are beautiful pictures. I am so happy for you both. Enjoy every minute you have together.

Martha Gutierrez:

Congratulations on your beautiful photos. You look young, fresh, and in love!!!


I LOVE THEM!!! These pictures are awesom.... Love you guys.


These are amazing pictures. I especially love the black & white shots.


Rina, I'm so happy for you. These pics are so pretty, you look so happy! She did a great job of caputing the moment. :) Love you and can't wait to see you get married!!


OMG!!! U two look soo happy!! I love the pictures and cant wait to see you both!! Few more months!!! LOVE YOU!


So pretty.


Too Cute! Congrats! :)

Leticia Renteria:

You guys look sooooo in love, I"m so happy for you guys. The pictures look amazing!


So pretty.

Christine Ayala:

Beautiful Pictures!!!! Beautiful Couple!!!

Alicia Maldonado:

Wow you guys look so happy!!! great pictures......


Sherina & Danny,
You guys look beautiful. Couldn't have been a more perfect couple. Can't wait to see wedding pictures :)


Super cute pics!!!


Best pics ever!!! I love you so much!! Can't wait for Sept!!


oh girl your pictures be looking so beautiful you and danny look sexy in all of these


These pictures are awesome! I esp. love the one on the rock! I am so happy for you two!

Kelly Dyer:

LOVE THESE! You guys look soooo good together! Can't wait for the wedding! :) SOOOO SOOOONN!!

Stephanie Wolfer:

great pictures! I love them!


Awww...Rina u look so pretty!! The first 3 are my favorite!! Can't wait til ur wedding!!



Bonnie Russi:

WOW!!!! What great pics. Sherina I don't know how you are going to choose because they are all BEAUTIFUL.

Amy Quiring:

Sherina, you look so beautiful!! You both look so happy....The 7th one is my favorite...I can hear your laughter from here! Fully live in the joy that is to come :)

natalie miller:

Oh, Sherina! You look so amazing in all of these photos! you and Danny look so happy and I am so excited for the both of you! I can't wait to share in this special occasion!. I love you!


Wow, you guys look amazing!! Great photos, i especially like the 5th one from the very cute!! Can't wait for the wedding!!

Brandi Hernandez:

They look great Sherina! Can't wait for the wedding pictures, you picked an excellent photographer.

Jackie Garcia:

Really cute pics! My favorite is the one under the lifeguard tower.Lovin it!


Loving these photos guys. You guys look so happy! Can't wait till the wedding :)

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Dave and Sarah's wedding is coming right up!  We decided to do their engagement session downtown Orange.  I love shooting there, I never lack for inspiration, there is fun stuff around every corner.  Here are some of my favs.  Can't wait for their wedding next month.

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Sarah Lomeli:

I love them!!

tricia abarca:

LOve tHe PiCs, You GuYs LoOk GrEaT !!!!


Good Pictures!! ;o)

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Technically Jeff and Kathy are married now. Yay!  Their wedding post is coming up soon.  We did their engagement session a few days before their wedding since they were coming from Utah.  I had so much fun with these two.  They are so sweet together!

0010.jpg0023.jpg0030.jpg0077.jpgMy favorite! Lovin' it!
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They look so happy to be with each other.

Heather Calix:

These are so cute!!! Love the rail road tracks and the red chair!

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