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Yep, I had such a blast with this couple!  Really, so much fun!  Loved them, loved the location, loved the light.  It was such a fun shoot, made me excited to shoot their wedding next May!


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Becky Miranda:

Congrats to you both! These pics are BEAUTIFUL! Mollie, you look amazing; blessing to you both.
Becky Miranda
P.S. I know your Mom Betty

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What a fun Disneyland engagement session this was.  If you know me at all, you know how much a love Disneyland!  It is one of my favorite places in the whole world!  So whenever I have a chance to work there I am so excited.  Here are a couple of my favorites of Ching and Paul!


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Beautiful pictures, Ching and Paul! :) The one on the carousel is absolutely adorable!!

Amber Shore:

I absolutely love these pictures Ching! You look so happy :D Disneyland was the perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. Congrats to the happy couple!!!

moneca lima:

These pictures are some of the most beautiful I have seen..... It brought smiley tears to my eyes! The photographer captured the beauty of Ching and Paul exactly as they are.....You can wrap your selves in the love that they show for one another, it pours out through each and every picture....

Kisha Davis:

Your pictures are beautiful! Your smile is amazing and you need to wear many more dresses! Love the legs. You all look so very in love. Please enjoy each and every moment. Hugs & we miss you
Ken, Kisha, Ania & Camryn


These photos are amazing! You and Paul look so cute!


Awwww. You guys are too cute. I never thought of doing engagement pictures at Disneyland. They came out great!


Ching and Paul, you're such a happy and lovely couple...wonderful pictures of your engagement. can't wait for the the black and white pictures

Manindri Joslin:

Love your photos, Ching! Disneyland is such a great place to use as a backdrop! Congrats again to you and Paul :)

Karen Lonsdale :

These are the cutest pictures!! You look beautiful, Ching!! Disneyland was such a great place to have them done. You two look so happy...congratulations:)

Aurora, Eric, John & Anna:

Dear Teacher Ching and Dr. Paul: thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us! You two looked so happily in love together. These pictures really captured the love you share. Congratulations again!

Elia Rivas:

Wow! I am speechless, beautiful pictures and you guys look so good and lovely together, congratulation. I can't wait to see your wedding pictures.


All cute pictures!1

Nargis Morshida:

Very nice pictures, especially the pictures in Disneyland, which, might I add, are very sweet. You look like such a great couple! You have my blessings and congratulations.

Faith Johnstone:

omg. Tears. Thank you so much for sharing these. And thanks to Mollie Jane. wow. I've seen this look before. Fleeting. As you've touched the heart of a child. Now it's forever yours. To grasp whenever you need it. I am SO 1. Happy for you. 2. Greatful your joy has been a part of my life. 3. Jealous that he gets to see this smile whenever he chooses to look your way. I love you both. Always.

Donna :

Ching, I loved them! Thanks for sharing, miss you!!!!


Ching and Paul,
Beautiful pictures! I love them all. I can't wait to you you guys in November!!



Ching & Paul, Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding!! These pictures are so cool!! I love your relaxed and happy faces!! Thank you for sharing an important part of your lives with us!!

Cherry Chang:

Ching and Paul, Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and engagement! We are so happy for the both of you.
The pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Amanda :

Ching, these photos are amazing! I love the quality, it's great! I love all of them, but my favorite is the teacup one! That one.. is picture perfect! :)


Wow,beautiful pictures!
You are such a cute couple - CONGRATULATIONS !!!
Enjoy every moment of your wedding - the before, during, and happily ever after : )

Rowena T Millado:

Beautiful pictures Ching! You and Paul are so adorable! I love that close up in the black and white but my favorite is the kissing photo in the tea cup ride :) how did you guys manage to keep kissing while spinning! ;) Lauren said her favorite is the carousel photo! Best, Row, Marcus, Lauren, Audrey and Chris

Tommy :

Aww auntie ching and (uncle) paul look so fancy :D
I like the photo in front of the wooden door with the arch on top, you guys look like super top secret agents!


Awwww..Ching your guys pictures are so cute. I love the place you guys picked it was perfect! The photos are beond wonderful. I love the black and white picture and the one by the water slide its a beautiful picture with a great backround. hope to see you guys soon.. :)

FeuyLinh & ChanhWa :

Mollie Jane, you have captured our daughter and our future son-in-laws chemistry beautifully in all these pictures. The emotions you capture on film are simply breathtaking. We are dazzled that our daughter's vibrant personality can be translated in pictures, you're work is very impressive!

Sarah & T:

Disneyland was the perfect place for Ching and Paul. As we view these pictures I can't help but think "FairyTale." I love you sis! You and Paul are magical together. Thank you both for sharing the pictures with us. Mollie Jane, there's no words to describe your talent. :-)


Amazing pictures! Congratulations to both of you.

Barbie Robinson Fields:

Ching and Paul,

What beautiful pictures! I loved all of the pictures. My favorite was the tea cup picture, no the one with your heads touching... I can't wait to see your wedding photos

Bertha Hart:

Ching, The photos are absolutely beautiful. The black and white photo is my favorite. The photo of you two on the tea cup is quite amazing with the blurry background and you guys being completely in focus. I love the contrast in the photo of you two holding hands and walking, but then again all the photos are INCREDIBLE.

Shyama and Akhil :

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Im very happy for you!

Lausanne and Jimmy:

The one of Paul sitting on the ground and Ching standing in front of the rounded doors is my favorite! Congratulations on your engagement and have a wonderful wedding and life together!


congrats Paul and Ching!! Beautiful pictures!!!

Bridgette Gonzales:

I love your pictures! Especially the third one! Congrats...enjoy the married life its awesome!

Kel Lee:

These pictures are absolutely gorgious. Beautiful scenes. Awewome couple. The photographer did a great job.


Ching! You look so happy and simply gorgeous! I love your photos! And I just love that you guys went to Disneyland!!!! Dave and I have a special place in our heart for Disney! Congrats on you approaching wedding! Much love!!!

Nancy White:

These pictures are beautiful of Paul and Ching's engagement. Such a happy couple!

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A serious amount of engagement sessions are coming your way.  A couple of weeks ago I had 4 engagement sessions in a week.  So the first is Mark and Kristen.  Such a sweet couple!  I loved their downtown Long Beach engagement session.


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Thank you Mollie!

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Oh how I wish I was shooting Ami and Don's wedding!  They are getting married next month up in Utah in the Manti Temple.  It is one of the most beautiful temples in Utah.  But I will probably be having a baby, so a trip to Utah is out of the question.  I was so glad when they asked me to do their engagement session down here!

I am so excited for them.  They are so happy and so obviously in love.  Here are some of my favorites.




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I'll have to say Adam and Jen are two of the coolest people I've ever met.  Really.  Carlos and I shot their engagement party back in March and we had such a blast, I knew I would have such a great time at their engagement session and, especially, at their wedding.  It is going to be amazing.

We did their engagement session at Union Station, which is always a treat.  And then we went across the street, there is this really cool area that I just love.  I don't know what they are, I'm guessing just offices, but it has this feel of a Hollywood back lot.  As a side note:  it is my dream do any kind of session on a Hollywood back lot.  I drool as we take the tours of the back lots thinking of all the things that I could do.  I don't even think it's possible, but, man, that would be awesome.

Anyways, Carlos and I had a blast shooting Adam and Jen's e-session.  Here are some of my favorites.


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Several of these games are worth some time and are actually


Several of these games are worth some time and are actually

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