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My family that lives in Utah was in town this last weekend and since all of the grandkids were together we decided to do a portrait session.  Obviously, I am a big believer in family portraits and as often as possible and sometimes I am met by some resistance, but it is ALWAYS worth it.  And once we are done and everyone sees the results they are really happy that I insisted.  But it is definitely not easy while we are doing them.  Just because it is my family, doesn't mean everyone cooperates perfectly.  My poor little niece has a double ear infection and was in no mood to have her picture taken.  And my little baby boy, well, is a 4 month old ever in a mood to do pictures?  But I LOVE the results.  They are a pretty good looking group if I do say so myself.

My little Leo is still at that awkward baby phase at 4 months old.  At 6 months is the perfect time for baby pictures, they are starting to sit up on their own and really smile and laugh.  He was sliding out of that chair like crazy, but it was still pretty cute :)
0077.jpg0084.jpgMy niece, Megan.  She was the first of the bunch.  How is she already FIFTEEN?!
0099.jpg0110.jpgThe whole group.
0189.jpgMy sister doesn't buy the pictures that they take at school anymore, we just do a couple of cute sessions during the year.  Much, much better.  This is sweet little Amanda.  She is almost 13.
0223.jpgAnd this is my little mini-me, Madison.  She's 10.
0262.jpgMy older sister's kids.  Precious!

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What a cute bunch of kids! I can't believe I made such a cute kid!