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I love shooting in new places and finding all of the fun little treasures.  We shot at a park in Corona, it was awesome.  California is so beautiful, year round, we are so lucky!


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Sandy (mom):

I love these pictures, you guys look so happy! Love,Love the black and whites. Can't wait for the big Day!

Dorothy the other mom:

I was overcome with emotions looking at these beautiful photos. How do you pick a favorite? They capture you're love perfectly.

Maggie Lusk:

You look beautiful Melissa, and so happy! Can't wait for the big day. Love you, Auntie

Maggie Lusk:

Melissa, you look so happy and beautiful. Can't wait for the big day!

Sharon Broadbent:

Lovely! Anyone can see that you are so happy and in love.


Congratulations Dorothy.. The pictures look phenomenal!


Congrats on the Engagement!!! The pictures are great...good luck finding a favorite, they are all pretty.


beautiful!! cant wait for the day! :)


Really beautiful pictures. What a fun time you must have had in that setting!


These photos are JUST GORGEOUS!!! Any one of them would go great right next to "in love" in the dictionary! Congratulations to you both!!

Lisa (Dorothy's friend):

I love to hear the joy in my friends voice when she speaks of her lovely daughter Melissa, now I can see how lovely she is in these beautiful photos and see how much love the Happy Couple shows to one another. May your Wedding and Life Together be Blessed with Love, Laughter, & Compassion for Years to Come!!!!

Scarlet :

Love my dear friend Dorothy's daughter's happy happy moments of her life. You have captured their joy quite nicely.