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Paul and Ching's wedding was amazing!  I felt so honored to be a part of it.  I loved how they brought all of their cultures together to celebrate their wedding.  It started out at Dieu Quang Temple in Santa Ana for their beautiful Buddhist ceremony.  I have never been a part of a Buddhist ceremony, I loved it.  So much color.  I love the images from this ceremony.  We then went to Paul's parents house for a House Blessing.  Yet again, something new for me.

We then headed to the Bower Museum for their traditional American ceremony.  Did I mention that it was RAINING like crazy that day, so they had to move their ceremony under cover, but it was still so beautiful.  And after the ceremony the sun even peaked through so we could get some fun couple pictures.  We were SO lucky!

Their reception was then held at the Paracel Restaurant and the 4th ceremony took place there.  Ching changed into her traditional Minh dress for their tea ceremony followed by a big party.

I'm telling you, I have never had the opportunity to be a part of a wedding like this and I probably never will again.  It was an amazing experience.  Definitely don't miss their slideshow at the end of the post, it is awesome!

0009.jpg0117.jpg0143.jpg0170.jpg0198.jpg0230.jpg0455.jpg0464.jpg0488.jpg0616.jpg0621.jpg0639.jpg0773.jpg1025.jpg1110.jpg1121.jpg1134.jpg1138.jpg1444.jpg1516.jpg1544.jpg  CLICK HERE to view their slideshow!

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Gorgeous! Sorry we couldn't be there--congratulations again!

Rebecca Sarsfield:

These photos are amazing! You both look so happy!!!

Liz Tullai:

Lovely photos, you look so pretty!

Tamara Brown:

Those are the wonderful wedding pictures. You made a beautiful bride! Congrats!


These are so beautiful! Congrats again, Ching and Paul! :)

Amber Shore:

The pictures are so beautiful! I love the ones from the first ceremony! The colors are stunning! I think the rainy weather added to the beauty of the Bowers shots! So cute!

Frank C.:

Awesome pictures!!!

Cherry C.:

Beautiful wedding photos. Congrats Paul and Ching! Thank you for allowing us to share in this joyous celebration.


Absolutely exquisite photos of a unique and fascinating day


Nice pics! It's fun reliving the day!

moneca lima:

Ching and Paul, these are beautiful pics.... I absolutely love them! I am so sorry I could not make it for the special day.... It would have been great to see all the glory in person!


Pauloooo and Ching that was spectacular!!! great pics ,great wedding and both of u are good together! Dr Paul am proud of u! Go tk care of ur beautiful wifey!!!!

Carol Cieslak:

These pictures are incredible! What a beautiful couple you are!

Jeanne DeNoon:

Thank you, Ching, for sharing these photos with me! Congratulations to you and Paul! God bless you with many wonderful years.

Nancy White:

Ching and Paul look beautiful and happy! The photography is just excellent and captures their happy day!


Gorgeous pictures!! love them


Wow! Mollie Jane is great! The photos looks amazing! The color, clarity, and quality is superb!
The wedding photos are beautiful. Ching and Paul look great! They're just glowing!! :)

Anna Blanco:

The pictures of the weddings are all beautiful and even though there was so much going on that day, you and your husband look so relaxed and fresh together. What a wonderful day that you kindly shared with us! Congratulations and happiness always.


Amazing pictures! Congratulations!!


Amazing pictures! Congratulations!!


All of the pictures are so beautiful! I love them.

Lisa Saechao:

These pictures are so beautiful. The best moments were captured. Congrats Ching.


Ohh my god, that looked like such an amazing wedding(s)! The pictures are fantastic and you looked gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your pics. I love them!

Aurora, Eric, John & Anna:

Teacher Ching and Dr. Paul, Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your special day. We thought your engagement photos were great. These wedding photos are even better! We can sense the love between you two and the joyful celebration of the day! Wishing you two the very best as you begin your life together! Lots of XOXO's from all of us!


I'm not in any of these :[
so much for plans, you know, how I woulda been physically visible to people if NOBODY CHANGED THE PLAN. Nice pictures Auntie

Monique Zambrano:

I Love The picture Of You and Paul leaving the Browsers Museum. You Both look Very happy it finally be as One.

I also Love the Last Picture of Paul and You,
You both look so Passionate and In Love with Each other.
I wish You both a Loving and Thrilling Marriage.
Love, Moe


Ching and Paul, Congratulations one more time and thank you for sharing your amazing wedding picutres! I loved and enjoyed every picture. They all look spiritual and full of love. Big thank to talent and good taste of the photographer!

Sarah Saechao:

The pictures are beautiful and I love how it shows so much details. It was an amazing wedding and everything came out wonderfully! Thank you Mollie Jane for capturing the precious moments of Paul and Ching. =)

Sophia Zambrano:

Paul and Ching, I got to see your pictures that Mollie had taken. They came out so beautiful. I wish you both the best!!

Suzie Palacios:

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. What a lovely wedding. Congratulations again!


Amazing, you look so happy and elegant. Congratulations, you are so special.

Missy Cochran:

Marcus and Athalia, you guys are absolutely beautiful together. I'm so glad to call myself your friend and I

Sherri Price:

The pictures are stunningly beautiful!! I think my favorite is the one where Athalia is kind of hanging on Marcus's are and the camera is looking down on them. They are really all beautiful!