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Beautiful setting and beautiful couple.  I was loving this 80 degree heat in January.  This is why I live in Southern California.  Plus the awesome light, I don't think anywhere else has such amazing, warm light.  Loving it!


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Britt and Mike, what a beautiful couple you are.Love all the pictures.
Grams & Pop


Thank you so very much Mollie...your work is so beautiful!!!

Lily: look BEAUTIFUL!!! the pictures look amazing!


Wow!!!! I'm the mother of the "bride to be" and I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with your artistry, Mollie! Your work is professional and absolutely breathtaking! I am so glad Mike and Brittany found an awesome photographer to capture such an exciting time of their lives.

Brooke Cuozzo:

love all of them!!!!! you both look amazing and these pictures came out great!!!better put one of these in the frame I got you guys!!

Claudia Rojas:

I cannot begin to describe how beautiful these pictures are. Mike and Britt you both look amazing! Love you!


These pictures are fabulous! Great weather, beautiful couple! Love it!!!!


What amazing photographs! Brittany and Mike, these are breathtaking, I love them!! Can't wait to see you guys =)


These are some gorgeous pics! All of them ! The combination of the four--a beautiful couple, perfect weather, wonderful setting, and some magic on photographer's part--deliver amazing results! Can't wait to see your wedding pics through the lens of Mollie.

Laurie James:

Your pictures turned out beautiful!!! What a great photo session - love you guys.

Michael Freean:

Thanks Mollie!!! You weren't kidding about the light! The pictures are amazing!


These are amazing!!! You guys look great and the setting for all of these are beautiful!


Wow! What a beautiful couple! You guys look great! I can definitely see the love in these photos. Congratulations! =D

Allen P:

These are some of the best pictures I have ever seen! You two look amazing!!! Perhaps you should take up some modeling! What a model couple!!! honestly,... WOW! Congrats you two!!

Annie Tsai:

my favorite photo is the one with you guys in black and white, but not the one where you were suppose to be serious. the other one!


Really Beautiful pictures!! What a truly great job. You guys are an awesome couple. Congratulations!!


Those are excellent pictures Mike. You guys came out so great. What a happy couple.

Teddy Junanto:

Beautiful pictures....can't wait for the big two are perfect couple......maybe take a side jobs as models.....

Melinda Jacobo:

Beautiful Pictures! So happy for you! The love in these pics- it really shows. Mollie what an artist!

Mike w:

Britt you and Mike make a beautiful couple. Best of everthing to you both. These pictures are great


Great pictures! This really bring out the sincerity that you love each other. You couldn't pay people to smile like that. Now the black and white picture with Britney fuzzy and you in focus, take it out. It looks like you guys are fighting or you are a stalker.