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Rod and Jane are such a beautiful couple!!!  I had so much fun with them.  And I was so happy to be down at the beach on a hot August day (especially being 7 months pregnant).  We started out the day at The Balboa Inn and then we headed over to their church, Hope Chapel in Huntington Beach.  Did I mention that it was also the U.S. Open of Surfing taking place just blocks from their ceremony and reception, people, cars, bikes and surf boards EVERYWHERE.  But we didn't let all the traffic get in the way of getting some great shots.  We went to the amazing Huntington Beach Central Park for their pictures.  I had never been there before, it was PERFECT for pictures, I will definitely go back!  And then we headed to Rod and Jane's home for their reception.  So gorgeous!  And let me tell you, no pregnant lady was more happy with their catering, it was like they climbed in my head and asked me what I had been craving my whole pregnancy.  They had amazing, gourmet macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and mashed potatoes that you could chose your own toppings.  My tummy was happy!  I'm so happy for Rod and Jane.  I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

I don't know very much about shoes.  I'm not one of those girls that has rows and rows of shoes in her closet (right now all my feet fit into are flip flops), but I do know a fantastic pair of shoes when I see them and I believe in splurging on your wedding shoes, I LOVE that pop of color and style that they add to your wedding pictures.  I loved my hot red stilettos on my wedding day!  But they certainly were not Christian Louboutin's.  Jane's were.  I don't think I have every held a more awesome pair of shoes!  Plus he signed the sole for her! 
Shoes.jpg0123.jpg0125.jpgYes, this could be one of my favorite getting ready  pictures of all time!
0153.jpgCan you imagine how gorgeous this day was?!
Beach.jpg0263.jpg0419.jpg0456.jpg0463.jpgDSC_5679.jpg0480.jpg0491.jpgYou just can't plan a picture like this.  I wish.  That butterfly landed on the flower girl's hand and stayed there long enough for me to snap enough pictures to get the perfect one.  I am in love!
0516.jpg0523.jpgJane is such a beautiful bride!

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living eventfully:

Mollie!! Outstanding. Thanks for capturing such perfect moments and shots!

Sandy Godwin:

What beautiful photos! Jane, you were STUNNING! Congratulations on capturing the beauty of the day!


hi jane,
you looked really amazing!!! beautiful pictures! and as you already know i love the shoes :-). thanks for sharing this with us! biggi

wendy wood:

Rod & Jane's photos are soooo wondferful... great job Mollie Jane! Congrats again you guys!!! Thank you for sharing such a special day with us! xoxoxoxoxo


The pictures are amazingly beautiful - I especially love the "Just Married" umbrella with all the greenery in the background. Congratulations Rod & Jane and thank you for letting us share in your special day :)!!!


So wonderful to see the wedding come togther... beautiful bride, beautiful pictures, beautiful wedding! :)


Absolutely beautiful..wonderful job Mollie!


Awesome pictures and flowers!


Thank you Mollie for capturing our big day so beautifully. We can't say enough how much we love our pictures!!!

Julie Johnson:

"I thought I was looking at photos from a fashion magazine"....
Jane, beautiful as ever. Rod still one HOT guy.
Mollie, you love what you do and it shows.
Jane and Rod Thank you for sharing your nuptuals. We had a blast.