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For real, I LOVE these girls!!!  My sister, Laura, and I met them at church back in 2000 when we were all single and livin' it up.  Oh my goodness, the good times we all had together, back in the day.  Plus, we have all stayed really close even though we have all, at one point, moved away, when we get together, it is like no time has passed.  I can't believe we all are married with kids now (well, mine is coming very soon - I was the slow poke when it came to settling down.  It is so fun to see all of us grown up with our own families.  Michelle and I have already decided that her baby, Nick, and my baby are going to be best friends!  I did this shoot for them while I was in Utah in July. Loved it!

Nichole's Family:
0019.jpg0033.jpg0055.jpgBrinley.jpg0125.jpg0137.jpg0225.jpg0241.jpgMichelle's Family:
Charlie.jpg0205.jpg0244.jpg0265.jpg0288.jpgA couple days later we did a little mini shoot of just Nick.  Oh my goodness, he is such a doll!

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Michelle :

Love them Molls! They turned out so good! THanks and I just LOVE you! I am so sad I missed you this last time...sick kids are the saddest.

Isaac Hipple:

Mollie, Thank you so much for the pictures of our family. They look wonderful and will allow us to keep some great memories for a long time. You rock!