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Such a hot couple, plus beautiful Southern California light equals beautiful pictures.  Not to mention 3 adorable pooches.  Their puppies are their kids, which I totally understand and appreciate.  I LOVE my little Chloe dog with all of my guts.  If Carlos and I had had her when we got married she would have been in our engagement pictures too (she is going to make an appearance in my maternity photos in a couple of weeks).  I couldn't narrow their pictures down to the normal 10-12 images, sooooo there are a few more :)


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Anjanette :

Love it! To bad the dog sitters couldn't get a! Cecy and Dre can't for your special day. Love you guys!


bhahahahaha......thats what happens when you write a comment from your iphone, it ends up not making sense!!!! but you know what i mean... oxoxoxooxoxox