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A.J. and Anjanette took me back to where they met, Los Angeles Harbor College.  It was so fun to hear about their love story!  And capture those memories forever for them.  It is so adorable.  After we finished there we went down to a nearby beach.  It was perfect.  Such a cute couple!!!!


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Ron Hancock :

You guys look great and so happy. Congrats. Hey, what can I say, I'm your biggest fan!!

Kellie O'Connor (soon-to-be Hancock) :

Peppa, you look ammmmmaaazing! You guys are soo adorable and your love radiates through! Dang, it made me teary eyed! I can't believe how much we've lived, been through and seen together.. And I can't believe what a beautiful bride to be you are... I still remember you as my goofy older sister from another mother. Love you tons and tons! Congrats you guys. You are a beautiful couple and you deserve a ton of happiness..

And Mollie, you are just amazing! I cant wait for you to shoot my wedding!


aj and anjanette!! you guys looks gorgeous and so in love. Really great pictures. Mollie you are an amazing photographer, your entire blog looks terrific. can't wait to see our pics! if they turned out 1/2 as good as these 2 we will be alright!

Momma She:

There's pooh and her boo! Great photos of you both :-D Can't wait to see all of them. Dre and Cecy are next....look what you two have started!! Love both.xoxo