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I had never met David and Caitlin before their wedding day, they were living back east when they booked, so I didn't know what to expect as I drove to the address they gave me in Dana Point on their wedding.  But, oh my goodness, whatever my expectations were for the day were blown out of the water when I saw this house that they were having as their wedding venue.  AMAZING!!!  Their ceremony was at a beach near the house and then their intimate reception was held back at the house.  So many wonderful details, they really did a wonderful job.  Don't miss the slideshow at the end.

0018.jpg0074.jpg0107.jpg0150.jpg0205.jpg0215.jpg0310.jpg0322.jpg0324.jpg0330.jpg0338.jpg0370.jpg0374.jpg0441.jpg0496.jpg0507.jpg0617.jpgCLICK HERE to view their slideshow!

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Victoria Flowers:

The pictures are beautiful. You have grown into a handsome man from your days playing baseball for Tony. Congratulations!!! Your bride is absolutely beautiful.

Will Blakeley:

Dave, this looks awesome! I am so happy for you guys! Pictures are absolutely beautiful. We are all excited to hear more about it when the happily married couple come back to visit!


Caitlyn, I work with your mom in FFX, what a spectacular setting, you both look so content. Enjoy wedded bliss!

Shannon Marklin:

BEAUTIFUL pictures Dave! So happy for you! Congrats!


Thanks for sharing the pictures - they are beautiful. We wish you the best.

Jonathan Ford, Jr.:

Man, I did not know! Congratulations to both of you-you look great and I pray blessings upon your marriage!

John Forneris:

Congratulations to the both of you. All the happiness!

Josette Wyatt:

Beautiful Images!

Lindsey Pospisil:

These pictures all look so wonderful! They really capture how beautiful the entire day was. Congratulations to you both!

Rich Cariens:

Looking good Dave! Best wishes to you both.

wendy strickland:

David and Caitlin - beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. I couldn't be happier for you both. Congrats!

Tom Brendel:

Great Pics!!

Janice Bryant:

Gosh, such a handsome groom! "Must be Good Genes".
The bride is a natural beauty! Just look at her mother, gene pool great too!
Gosh, just think about how those" future twins" might look? Love Ya! G-Ma