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I feel like it's been FOREVER since I blogged a session. We just moved from Costa Mesa to Rancho Cucamonga. Did you know how much time moving takes?! I really don't think that we will move again for a VERY long time. It has put me SO far behind! So I will, slowly, but surely, catching up with editing and blogging. I decided to start with Nick and Sonja. Seriously adorable couple. So happy! When you are around them you can't help but be happy and smiling. I loved it!


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Very cute pictures, Nick and Sonja! They turned out sooo good!

Penny Carroll:

Very beautiful pictures. I especially like the one against the red wall. They look so pretty and most of all the pictures look very natural. Congratulations to Nick and Sonja!!!!


Very cute pics!! They came out so good! Congrats! :)

kristen compton:

Very Beautiful Couple. Comgrats


Very cute! These pictures turned out so cute!


Love it!! I'm so happy for you Sonja you deserve the best! You two make an adorable couple and these pics really bring that out. :)


I'm hoping these guys would make 10-20 kidz . . . that would make our world more wonderful. Congratulations!!! Relax. . .


aww jello the pictures are amazing!!! i love them!!!


Very cute pictures Sonja!

Amber Leigh:

very beautiful sonja! :) i love the one where you guys are sitting in the grass next to that colorful wall thingy laughing at eachother :)


Very very nice pictures. Congrats Sonja.


Very romantic! Beautiful pictures.


nice pics.

Breanna Meelker:

O my!! These pictures are the best engagement pictures I have ever seen! Seriouslly adorable Nick and Sonja! Love both of you guys!


Very nice!! I especially like the one by the light post so cute! And the first one is a very Nick and Sonja look :). Congrats!