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I had never been to Dove Canyon Country Club before, but as I drove up I knew that it was going to be a beautiful wedding!  It was gorgeous!  I had know idea that Orange County could be even more beautiful.  Plus, Stephen and Treena are an adorable couple.  Treena reminds me SO much of my best friend that lives 800 miles away.  Such a fun girl!  Here are some of my favorites from their day.  Don't forget to watch their slideshow at the end of the post.

0024.jpg0050.jpg0065.jpg0077.jpg0107.jpg0115.jpg0121.jpg0206.jpg0296.jpg0301.jpg0453.jpg0461.jpg0468.jpg0489.jpg0541.jpg0550.jpg0584.jpg0724.jpgCLICK HERE to view their slideshow.

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Roger Whiting:

Great photos!