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I just finished editing one of THE most awesome engagement sessions.  I just have a few more things to do before I put the complete post up, but I was so excited I wanted to post a sneak peek of what is to come tomorrow.  So excited!!!


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Kel and Ron:

We are sooo excited!! You are awesome Mollie... Absolutely awesome!

Tim O'Connor:

Great job Mollie, can hardly wait to see the full set! Glad to hear you enjoyed the trip, Kellie said you were really excited about the location and that makes it so much more fun.


Mollie you did a great job on their photos. AMAZING!!!!! i loved every single one. Scheduling my session with you soon! Kel you looked beautiful ;-)!!!!!!! xoxoxox

Katrena Guerrero:

All the photos look beautiful! Congratulations Ron & Kellie!

Patty :

The pictures are truly amazing! Ron & keliie, you couldn't have picked a more perfect place.. Can't wait to see the wedding photos. Mollie Jane, your best photos!!! You definitely captured the moment.

Lucy Quintero:

After seeing these pictures I have to say that you really did pick an awesome location. Great pictures! You two look perfect together.
Wish you all the best!
-Lucy Q.


Oh my God! I have never seen something so beautiful. You guys look like you need to be on a cover of a beautiful love songs album! Great I am so amazed at how gorgeous these photos are.


Love love love this picture! So romantic and rustic and the depth! You guys are beautiful and Mollie rocked it!

Rosario Jensen:

Kellie!!!!! Congrats again guys! These pictures are absolutely PRICELESS. You both look amazing.. Congrats again!

Mary Hammond:

Hello Mollie
i am Lynn's auntie. It looks like Bryan and Lynn have made the right choice in a photographer for their wedding pictures. Are you also going to be the photographer of their reception?

Bernadett Osburn:

Great pics!! Congrats!! You guys look great. I love the location, it is so beautiful.

Erika Reyes :

The pictures are absolutely beautiful! congrats Ron & Kellie


Wow, your engagement pictures are top notch. i have a few favorites like the one with Ron sitting behind Kellie and the one with Ron and kellie skipping through the field. Nice one buddy, hahah:).

Dana Lewis:

Great photos! Congratulations to both of you. The settings and backgrounds came out terrific!